Thank you for visiting my website. I am very pleased that you have stopped by. Feel free to browse my site, or even to contact me, if you have questions about my services, or how I do my readings. There are several options that I will be making available for you to be able to contact me for a tarot card reading. For one of the best psychic readings that you could hope for, give me a call. Whether you want a tarot card reading about love, romance, or relationships, or you have questions about your job or career path, or the outlook of your financial success, I am here to help you. I have had over 17 years of experience in guiding others down their path towards the happiness that they desire, through tarot card readings and astrological maps, guiding the path, and showing others what is coming ahead. I also have numerology readings, dream interpretation, and other forms of divination available to provide readings to you with, upon request. 

From an early age, I have been learning astrology and tarot. With several influences who were able to bring me to a better level of understanding of the Universe, our place in it, and what our purpose is able to become, I have taken a position of trying to empower people as they go down their respective paths, to finding greater happiness for themselves. In 2000 I started giving readings professionally, after already having years of understanding and studying the cards. I was able to apply my knowledge of tarot with real life situations, while not only gaining my own life experiences, but vicariously feeling the pull of those life experiences of people I was giving readings to. With the help of a couple of other forms of divination through crystal scrying and black mirror gazing, I was able to learn to bring about furthered glimpses into the future, allowing me to further figure out the abilities that I had learned through the significance of the stars, and how like cogs in a clock, they have the ability to determine the different paths which are laid out before us.

In my psychic medium readings, I strive to give as much information as possible, through thought provoking and often poetically driven insights into the world that you are experiencing, which I hope will be able to provide clarity. Though there are many nuances laid out in the cards, it is important to be able to reflect on these, as one small misstep is able to lead one into a state of stagnation. It is my goal to hold your hand and help to guide you through the difficulties that you are finding life throw at you. The primary goal of Tarot and Astrology by Psychic Draven Grey is to give you the insights and the clarity into the paths which will be laid out before you, providing time lines, dates, and other information to help you make an informed decision for where you want life to take you. I will not choose the path for you, but I will give you the tools and information necessary to be able to navigate what might be ahead.

Psychic Readings by Draven Grey

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